Cloth shading in large formats
Cloth shading in large formats
Varying degrees of transparency with sunlight protection
Varying degrees of transparency with sunlight protection

Shading and insect protection

Upon request, Krapf AG will take over the planning, preparation and installation of sunlight protection and black-out systems as well as insect protection screens for the air-lux system.

Sunlight protection

To achieve a comfortable ambient climate with large-surface windows, a good sunlight protection system combined with the right insulating glass is of the essence. The air-lux profile technology makes it possible to attach the most common systems in the vertical framework profile of the lateral guides (stainless steel cords or rails) – these can be attached directly to the air-lux sill construction.

  • Prevents overheating and glare
  • Additional energy savings
  • In summer, heat radiation can be minimised (comfortable room temperature)
  • In winter, controlled sunlight protection diverts the solar energy into the building (lower heating costs)

Insect protection

Easy-to-operate horizontal design (plissé design)

  • Vertical roll-down systems possible
  • Motor for controlled and steady rolling with minimal wear

Black-out systems

For more privacy, black-out systems can be installed on the interior.

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