Two-storey atrium with sliding windows
Two-storey atrium with sliding windows
air-lux is impermeable, safe and robust.
air-lux is impermeable, safe and robust.


With their patented, pneumatic sealing system, air-lux sliding windows guarantee outstanding structural integrity and comfort in all weather conditions.

When closed, the perimeter ring seal ensures 100% impermeability – against driving rain, wind and noise. Air is generated in the frame and pumped inaudibly into the seal.

Smooth opening and closing

When the sliding window is in the closed position, the seal that is built into the frame is inflated and pressed against the window profile using a push-button. This ensures that the gap between the fixed element and the sliding element is always 100% closed.

When the button is pressed to open the sliding windows, the seal deflates and retracts.

In contrast to systems with sealing lips or brushes, this invisible, maintenance-free air-lux technology enables frictionless movement of the sliding windows.


air-lux offers a 10-year warranty on the sealing system, profile technology and fittings.

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