Freie Form mit air-lux Bogenfassade
Free form with air-lux curved façade
air-lux und idc-archicad gemeinsam in der BIM Arena
air-lux and idc-archicad together in the BIM Arena
Schwellenloser gebogener Schiebeflügel und Festglas
Sill-free curved sliding casement windows and fixed glazing
Rahmenlose air-lux Fassade und drehende Bar; ein Produkt von Krapf AG
Frameless air-lux façade and rotating bar; a Krapf AG product
Fünf Tage Besuch von interessierten ArchitektInnen und PlanerInnen
Five day visit from interested architects and planners
100% dicht dank aufblasbarer air-lux Dichtung, Sicherheitsvernebelung gegen Einbruch
100% impermeable thanks to inflatable air-lux seal, security smoke screen against break-ins
Kein Brandrauch, sondern Entlüftung der Vernebelung durch Öffnen des Schiebeflügels
No fire smoke – the mist is dissipated by opening the sliding casement window

Swissbau Basel: over 3,200 visitors at air-lux

Trade shows / Events

We provided a breath of fresh air for visitors at Swissbau Basel.

According to many architects at Swissbau Basel, we effectively demonstrated our three USPs at the “exhibition's most attractive stand”. The 14-m long, 3-m high curved air-lux sliding window façade with step-free transition to an illuminated glass façade backdrop attracted many visitors. It is testament to the appeal of our craftsmanship when applied on an architectural and functional level.

Unbeatable impermeability

The experiment in the ‘smoking chamber’ with a security smoke screen for break-in protection impressed over 3,000 visitors, demonstrating that the air-lux sliding windows with inflatable seal are 100% impermeable – both against noise and all weather conditions.

Our other USPs

Innovations and functional technology, together with usability and invisibility, have always been integral to air-lux systems. It is the first sliding window system on the market that comes with fully integrated drive as standard.

All functions can be operated manually, over home automation systems and from mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and radio.

air-lux safe is the first frameless sliding window on the market certified up to resistance class 3 (RC3). At air-lux, top safety features such as signal monitoring, electronic connection and ready-to-use technology are all available as standard.

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