The entire window sinks into the floor...
... and reappears at the push of a button.

Descending windows - the vertical highlight


We make your window disappear and reappear at the push of a button. With the new descending front, we are expanding our product range with a new, impressive type of opening.

Up to now, sliding windows have only rarely been used in high-rise buildings. The sealing of sliding windows was considered problematic. The reason for this is the lack of contact pressure of the seal. The conventional lift-and-slide or parallel sliding systems are also unsatisfactory in terms of tightness, ease of operation or appearance. Our sealing concept represents an innovation. Instead of moving the heavy sliding element to generate the required contact pressure, we move the seal.

Constant performance of the air seal

Sliding windows in high-rise buildings are exposed to extreme conditions: The higher the building, the higher the wind loads. Absolute tightness against driving rain is required. Conventional sealing systems such as brush seals or rubber sealing lips sometimes wear out considerably after a short time. This wear is caused by the enormous interaction of pressure and suction to which the seals are constantly exposed.

Since the air-lux sealing concept does without complex fitting mechanisms, our system is virtually maintenance-free.

To the blog post "World's Best Tightness"

air-lux seal with diaphragm function

Due to the interactive wind loads on the facade (pressure / suction), the sliding wings and the fixed elements bend through. With a 3 meter high slider and a maximum permitted deflection of one L150, this results in a deflection of up to 20 millimeters. Due to its membrane-like character, the air-lux air seal adapts to these movements, and the sliding window always remains 100% impermeable, regardless of pressure or suction loads. Sealing with air - the ingenious solution for high-rise buildings

Our advantages at a glance:

  • 100% impermeability against driving rain, wind and noise - on every floor
  • air-lux air seal with membrane function Consistent air seal performance without wear and tear
  • Low maintenance costs and good ROI (Return on Investment)

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