• Building near the sea: Special solution from air-lux

    In the vicinity of the sea (maritime environment), the salt content in the water and air places increased demands on buildings and the components of facades. air-lux has developed a system that has been tested several times and is convincing even under maritime conditions.

  • Red Dot Award 2022 for innovative sliding system

    In collaboration with air-lux, Schüco has developed the innovative panorama design sliding system Schüco AS AL 75. The sliding system with the active sealing concept from air-lux, which is 100% tight even under strong wind loads and building subsidence, as well as having the best running properties, convinced the jury of the prestigious Red Dot Award: the system won in the Product 2022 category. "With its sophisticated sealing system, the high-quality Schüco AS AL 75 sliding system sets new standards in terms of functionality and expands the range of applications for sliding sashes," said the expert jury.

  • Descending window – the window that disappears into the ground

    At the touch of a button, the entire window front magically sinks into the ground, merging the interior with the exterior. The air-lux descending window is not just a glass front, but a highlight all year round. It is not without reason that the descending window was awarded the German Design Award 2020 in the category "Excellent Product Design - Building and Elements".

  • air-lux Showhouse in Prague

    Our Czech distribution partner "ARNOLD 1990 s.r.o." has opened an air-lux showhouse in Prague. In this exclusive villa all interested architects, planners and potential building owners can see the high quality air-lux window façade system under real living conditions.

  • Free Forms for Windows and Doors

    The air-lux pivot windows and pivot doors guarantee full architectural freedom and a unique variety of shapes. Thanks to the inflatable air seal, window shapes become possible that could not previously be realized with conventional sealing concepts. Windows and doors become a fascinating design element, as their shapes change when they are opened.

  • Krapf AG helps Nietturm bar get more fresh air and a better view

    Krapf AG helps Nietturm bar get more fresh air and a better view

    The Nietturm towers as an eye-catching glass cube on the former boiler house of the Schiffbau site in Zurich. However, the bar housed in it has not always been a centre of attraction due to poor climatic conditions. But the renovation with a project-specific façade has now transformed the Nietturm into an open roof-top bar with a guarantee of fresh air.


  • air-lux sliding windows used for high-rise buildings in HafenCity Hamburg

    More and more architects, facade planners and investors are becoming convinced of the outstanding performance of air-lux seals in high-rise construction. As a result, 221 air-lux sliding windows are currently being used in two high-rise buildings in Hamburg's HafenCity district.

  • Maritime solution defies corrosion and strong winds

    Near the sea, the salt content in the air and water places increased demands on buildings and facade components. Air-lux Technik AG has developed a system that is also convincing under maritime conditions. With the help of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials, improved surface coatings and technically optimized components, a maritime system has been developed that withstands the marine climate and reliably minimizes corrosion damage.

  • The genesis and success story of air-lux on Welt der Wunder

    We look back at the beginnings of air-lux more than 17 years ago and tell how Krapf AG, a metal and facade construction company, developed the innovative air-lux product and how it stands out from competing products.

  • Glass balustrades – safety and aesthetics

    Glass is an enormously versatile and beautiful building material. It appears elegant and light, and yet it is extremely robust and stable. Used correctly, glass contributes to our quality of life, but also to our safety.

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