The maritime system from air-lux withstands the marine climate and minimizes corrosion damage
An air-lux reference project: a highrise building at Seaport Boston
Our approach: a system that resists corrosion and high winds
Effects of aggressive ambient air in maritime regions

Building near the sea: Special solution from air-lux

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In the vicinity of the sea (maritime environment), the salt content in the water and air places increased demands on buildings and the components of facades. air-lux has developed a system that has been tested several times and is convincing even under maritime conditions.

Facades made of glass and metal have to meet a wide range of requirements depending on the climatic conditions. In order to be able to classify and better assess the influence of different environments on buildings and their facades, a distinction is made between four different atmospheres: 1. countryside, 2. city, 3. industry and 4. sea.

Aggressive marine atmosphere
The marine atmosphere is considered the most aggressive due to the enrichment of the air with salt. Anything closer than five kilometers to the sea is, by definition, "near the sea" and is accordingly exposed to this aggressive environment.

The challenge of corrosion
One of the effects of the aggressive maritime ambient air is corrosion. Over time, it can degrade the powder coating and cause the paint to flake off. As a result, the coating is infiltrated and steel components begin to corrode. Fittings and electronic components are also susceptible to corrosion near the sea. In the case of hardware, this leads to impaired functionality. For electronic components, corrosion can lead to false signals, malfunctions and a shortened service life.

High wind pressure
High wind loads are a major challenge for large-area glazing and sliding fronts near the sea. The active air seal of the air-lux system can withstand even very high wind loads in exposed locations up to class C4 / B4 (EN 12210), as the pneumatic air seal constantly adapts to the movements. The 100% tightness over the entire life cycle ensures that the air seals function without wear.

The special solution from air-lux
With the help of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials, improved surface coatings and technically optimized components, air-lux has succeeded in developing a maritime system that can withstand the marine climate and minimize damage caused by salt water. As a result, the air-lux system meets not only 100 percent impermeability but also the high demands of building near the sea.

Nothing left to chance
air-lux has left nothing to chance: The various materials and designs of the air-lux system were subjected to the DIN EN ISO 9227 salt spray test. At the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (Empa), the system was subjected to even tougher testing conditions. The hurricane test in the USA set two world records at once: air-lux sliding elements are the largest sliding elements ever tested in the USA, and they are the tightest in the world.

Also for the wellness sector
The special maritime solution from air-lux is also ideal for thermal baths and wellness facilities, where similarly aggressive environments prevail due to chlorine or salt water.

Boston USA, 50 m from the sea
Langebaan South Africa, 100 m from the sea

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