• The prize that makes innovation visible: the air-lux pivot door wins German Innovation Award 2020

    The air-lux pivot door wins an award for its outstanding innovative performance: It is one of the winners of the German Innovation Award 2020 in the category #W2 Excellence in Business to Business - Building & Elements. This is already the sixth award within one year! Herewith the air-lux pivot door beats all records according to the motto: «The winner takes it all».

  • Pivot door – the fascinating entry door

    The pivot door gives a wide and generous opening and simple modern appearance, perfectly fitted to contemporary architecture. As an alternative to the sliding glass doors or conventional revolving doors, the pivot door is a fascinating solution as a front door for large entrance areas. However, many pivot doors currently on the market cannot compete with normal or sliding doors in terms of tightness. This is the great advantage of the air-lux pivot door: we guarantee 100% tightness at an unprecedented size of 15 m².

  • Best product innovation award

    As part of the Architects' Darling Award 2019, our pivoting door cleared the way again and secured the silver product award in the category best product innovation.

  • Security window as burglary protection

    The cold season is here and with it the need to spend a lot of time in one's own four walls (and windows). In your home you want to feel safe and secure at all times. With the safe air-lux sliding windows of resistance class RC2 / RC3 you can do this!

  • Double Winner German Design Award 2020: descending window & pivoting door

    In the context of the German Design Award 2020, air-lux is winning twice: both the descending window and the pivot door are among the winners in the category "Excellent Product Design".

  • Celebrate with us 2 years NEXT

    On 12 September, NEXT will become the industry meeting place for building envelopes and facades. Come by and be convinced by the latest urban innovations in technology, functionality and design.

  • Architect@Work Hamburg 2019

    4 and 5 September, Hamburg Fair, Hall B7

  • Large-area air-lux soundproof windows guarantee a noise-free summer

    Especially in the summer months, many people in urban areas suffer from additional noise. In the cities, the streets are built and renovated, the neighbors mow their lawns and celebrate a barbecue and the fair-weather drivers chase their convertibles and sports cars through the streets. Soundproof windows help to reduce noise. With the patented air-lux sealing system, 100% soundproof windows are now also possible with large-surface sliding and lowering windows as well as pivot doors.

  • Pivoting door wins DETAIL Product Award 2019

    The air-lux pivoting door once again proves its high quality and functionality: At this year's product award from the architecture magazine DETAIL, the large-surface swing door made of glass wins the prize in the category roof, facade and exterior walls.

  • air-lux sliding windows pass hurricane tests

    air-lux sliding windows are hurricane safe and ready for the US market. With the hurricane tests of the Canadian company UL a further proof for the world's best tightness of air-lux sliding windows was made.

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